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Taste of Tuesday: The Strip Club

La Jolla Strip Club

4282 Esplanade Court
San Diego, CA
p: 858.450.1400

Lunch Mon-Fri: 11:30am – 3pm
Dinner Nightly at 5pm
Happy Hour Daily 3-7pm

No no no get your mind out of the gutter… Its not that kind of strip club!  This one is apart of the Cohn Restaurant Group so for any of you who have ever dined at any of their establishments you can attest that you left with a great meal and great service as well a pleasant atmosphere.  The Strip Club located in La Jolla as well as the Gaslamp district is a 21 and up steak lounge with a full lunch and dinner menu as well as a “grill your own” menu options.    They also offer nightly specials so be sure to call ahead or ask your friendly server about their nightly specials.


Nykotine: “On my job”

Being its Monday and its back to the grind i felt it’s only appropriate to play this Jam “On my Job” by San Diego’s dopest new MC Nykotine.  You can download his mixtape “San Diego Zoo” and have a listen for yourself!


If you have spent any time in San Diego you know there is no shortage of good looking women… Every week we have a feature model or even just an average girl who is from or lives in San Diego CHECK OUT MORE PICS AND FULL FEATURE INSIDE

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No Syrah Syrah

The old addage says never judge a book by its cover so i reserved my judgements on the this place from my previous encouter but nooooow i feel like i have read this book and i just couldnt finish it….  This past weekend i went to Syrah with promises of heaven and and the place gave me hell… I don’t recall the music being so awful the last time i was there because it was only for about 10 minutes or so but I could have been distracted by other things , but this past time quite possibly could have been the worst music i have ever heard in a club atmosphere in a long time. I feel like the only people who were even close to dancing were extremely drunk and would have danced to Polka if it was playing… Visually the place is stimulating to the eye with the poison ivy Adam and Eve garden theme but like Adam and Eve i wanted to shed all my clothes because i dont know if the AC was broken or what but it was like doing Bikhram yoga on a Sat night fully clothed.  I mean i know the economy is bad and all but pleaaaaaaaase if you are going to save money don’t do it at the expense of your patrons.  There is nothing worse than being hot and sweaty in a club with terrible music, Not exactly the best way for you to try and win someone over. Clearly reading this probably will not want to make you go sprint to get to Syrah but i have heard good things about their wine, i just don’t think they have mastered the art of the club part yet.


The weekend is finally upon us and unless you are still hiding from that rain that happened this weekend you will notice its beautiful outside so go out and enjoy the weekend because before you know it that ugly thing we call Monday will be back

Bakare Sushi Night

Thanks To everyone for coming out

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Taste of Tuesday: Crest Cafe

The Crest Cafe

425 Robinson Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 295-2510

For good healthy comfort food at an affordable place check out The Crest Cafe.   Crest cafe offers breakfast lunch and dinner and there is a HUUUUUGE selection to choose from.  You can also enjoy an alcholic beverage while you enjoy your meal as they have a full bar as well.