Fashion: To Camo or not to Camo… That is the question

By the lovely Rebecca Blaydes

Flipping through Trend Forecasting periodicals, many stated that a large trend for Spring-Winter is camouflage. I was thrown off by this print, re appearing from behind the fabric shrubbery. Maybe it is being from the South, where camo is worn for the purpose of hunting, and the staple print for most ‘red-neck’ attire. Or, my obsession in middle school with my Abercrombie & Fitch cargo camo pants- don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.

After a recent visit to the doctor, including three shots and a finger prick- I was outfitted with pink camouflage bandaids. I couldn’t escape this growing trend it seemed.

Blumarine Spring 10 RTW
Blumarine Spring 10 RTW

I will admit I could completely see myself wearing the camouflage heels in Blumarine’s Spring 10 collection. However, a complete garment in this print is disconcerting.

Balmain Spring/Summer 10 

Once again, we have the Balmain Spring/Summer 10 collection. This entire outfit, I would love to slip my body into (but the tee-shirt alone is $1600). Notice the nicely camouflaged camo sequined pants, the pattern is very incognito, worked in with the sequins. Beautiful.

I would suggest to do the camouflage trend in minimal touches on your outfit- and you will be ahead with this seasons trends. Otherwise, leave the camouflage print to the South.

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