Vandals Rage on Garnders Parents home

“Yesterday it escalated,” neighbor James Rashger said. “A lot of people were pointing at that house, screaming bad words towards the house. Then it stated getting directed towards the neighborhood.”

Police say they believe Gardner’s parents are out of town and that the home is unoccupied.

“Vandalism like this, it’s so open, it’s not just on the house that’s targeted, it’s on the whole neighborhood and the residents are feeling threatened and this is becoming a real problem to them,” Lt. Dan Christman said.

Police said they would conduct a thorough witness check in the area.

“We take this very seriously. It is a crime and if we find the person who did it, we will prosecute. We will be adding extra patrols in this neighborhood,” Lt. Christman said.

Gardner, a registered sex offender, is due in court Wednesday to be arraigned in the case of 17-year-old Chelsea King who disappeared after going for a jog.

A body believed to be that of Chelsea’s was discovered in a shallow grave two days after Gardner was booked on suspicion of rape and murder.

He had pleaded guilty a decade ago to molesting a 13-year-old female neighbor and served five years of a six-year prison term.

“We did not know that the gentleman had any background in 2000. We did not know what kind of monster was living in our neighborhood,” Rashger said.

San Diego police say Gardner is positively linked to an assault on a 22-year-old Colorado woman who managed to fend off her attacker on Dec. 27.

The body that was found yesterday has not been positively identified but San Diego County Sheriff William Gore says there’s a “strong likelihood” that it’s Chelsea’s.

Thousands of mourners last night attended a candlelight vigil for the victim. (watch video)

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