Model Monday!

If you have spent any time in San Diego you know there is no shortage of good looking women… Every week we have a feature model or even just an average girl who is from or lives in San Diego.

BAKARE: What is your name and where are you from?

HB: my names heather begnell and I am from san clemente orange county.

BAKARE: How long have you been modeling?

HB: I have 4 years commercial and 5 years modeling experience. Anything and everything from fashion show, print, advertisement, commercial, and live spokes.
BAKARE: A lot of people don’t actually enjoy what they do. Do you enjoy modeling?

HB: absolutely I actually hear that I look like I have a blast doing so, and I really enjoy it! Without some form of modeling my life would be entirely boring.
BAKARE: What do you like to do in your leisure?

HB: rent movies and cook. I love the sun so if I have to travel off season to get it that’s leisure for me!
BAKARE: Where is your favorite place to go out in San Diego?

HB: los angeles for the right entertainment or san Francisco I want a little place there soon.

Single and ready to mingle?

HB: taken, from my high school sweetheart love him. Sometimes wanting what you can’t have is hotttt (-;
BAKARE: What do you look for in a guy?

HB: humor, big eyes, and cute personality. Dimples are a plus! But I don’t care as long as a mans healthy and mature!
BAKARE: What is the worst pick up line a guy has ever used on you?

HB: I can’t honestly think of one, I know there’s some but maybe guys these days just stick with “can I buy you a drink” or “is your boyfriend around” haha makes me wonder sometimes.

Thanks for dropping by Heather!

Ever since she was a kid she’s been poppin her collar…

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