Taste of Tuesday: Super Cocina Mexican Cuisine!

Super Cocina


Dine in/ take out/ catering


3627 University Ave.

San Diego, CA, 92104



Mon – Sun:

8:00 am – 8:00 pm

If you are passionate about authentic Mexican cuisine and have not tried Super Cocina, this is our disclaimer to you that we are not responsible for any additional weight you will gain after eating/reading this;

you have now discovered your new favorite Mexican restaurant. Located on University Avenue in San Diego, Super Cocina is the most legit, authentic Mexican restaurant you will visit in San Diego.  Not only is the food authentic, but the service is too.  When you walk up to the counter you will likely be greeted by the owner or one of the friendly ladies who are ready to offer you samples of whatever dishes make your tummy growl.  This unique gem of San Diego is unlike any Mexican restaurant you will eat at.  Rotating over 180 traditional Mexican dishes, Super Cocina features over 30 dishes a day. Centered on the combination plate, you can choose from items on the menu or from the deliciousness of traditional meat –in- sauce dishes featured right in front of you.  Some of my favorites are the chicken in almond sauce, spicy pork, chicken in cilantro, and pozole. Just to name a few you can also expect to choose from traditional Mexican breakfast dishes such as chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, a la Mexicana, salseado), available all day.  Mainstays of the Super Cocina dishes are the carnitas, empanadas, pollo con mole, chile rellenos, albondigas and more; these are offered every day.   If you are reading this and are a Vegetarian salivating at all these dishes wishing you could have them well, you are in LUCK because they offer mock chicken and beef dishes as well! As I am a regular at Super Cocina, and truthfully I eat there about three times a week, I have my must haves each time I go. I highly recommend topping your rice with a bit of mole sauce…which is to die for!! I am also a huge fan of the albondigas (meatballs), the spices they use make for an incredibly tasty treat.  Whatever dishes you decide to go with, you can expect to leave very full and satisfied.  Best of all you won’t beat the price!

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