Quick Wok
10175 Rancho Carmel Drive, San Diego, CA

(858) 592-7770‎

Its not the most extravagant of restaurants but it is high on taste and not so high on the price! Quick Wok  is delicious and very affordable when you are trying to save a buck. Located in Carmel Mountain, I will go out on a limb and say this is the best Chinese food money can buy in San Diego! Bold statement yes i know but the menu offers all kinds of different authentic options. For starters i would highly suggest the pot stickers with their special sauce simply delicious. They have a variety of main courses, but my favorite that i always go with and does not disappoint is the house special chow mien which comes with a lo mien style noodle with chicken beef and shrimp. Other notable dishes are the house special beef and orange chicken which are equally as delicious. Each main dish also comes with white or brown rice or can be upgraded to fried rice for an additional cost. The service is fast and great my only complaint would be that you don’t really have the option of dessert but that’s not really a big deal the food is so great you will probably stuff your face so much that you wont even leave room for it. Next time you are looking for good Chinese food which is very hard to find stop by Quick wok and you be the judge.

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