Chargers keep rolling!

In weeks 16 & 17 in the NFL you either have something to play for or you don’t, today the neither team really had anything to play for as the Chargers have already clinched the division as well as a first round bye and the Redskins well… they are not in contention for anything.  Although this was a meaningless game for the Chargers they still performed well with the long ball and playing solid D as they have been doing on this amazing win streak.  The Bolts couldn’t have picked a better time to peak, they look unstoppable and could be headed to Miami.  Malcolm Floyd lead the offense today with nine receptions and 140 yards receiving.  Rivers who was 9/15 with 99 yards passing looked as sharp as he has been of late.  One of the main reasons he SHOULD be an MVP candidate and one of the main reasons the Bolts are in the position they are in now.  They will rest up next week and we shall see who will come to the Q to face this team that seems untouchable.

  1. Malcolm Floyd is a former American football wide receiver who played in the National Football League

    Diego Forlan

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