Taste of Tuesday: Rei Do Gado Restaurant

939 4th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101-6123
(619) 702-8464

There is an old adage that says quality is better than quantity but at Rei De Gado Chucharissca there is no shortage of either.  Located in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego Rei De Gado is a extravagant Brazilian buffet style restaurant with hints of Korea.  The atmosphere rivals that of any of downtown restaurant.

Upon arriving you are greeted by a friendly host and serenaded by a live pianist. The dimly lit atmosphere makes it all the more romantic.  As you sit down a friendly server will bring you any drink you desire from the full bar.  You can then start your meal by going to the buffet where they offer a variety of different sides such as scalloped potatoes, fresh baked rolls, and all the finest and freshest salads they have to offer.  As you make your way back from choosing from the variety of different side dishes you will notice a peg with green side and red side, when the green side is up its the indicator for them to bring you the finest meats Brazil has to offer.  There are more than 40 different salads, side dishes, and meat selections to choose from.   To stop the waiters from bringing you all this exotic meat simply flip your peg over to the red side indicating you can take no more. Be sure to save your room in your stomach for some delicious dessert.   The price is a little steep for this delicious meal but I guarantee you will not find a better buffet in the city.

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