Dawty Music Group(DMG)

The Dawty Music Group is elevating San Diegos music scene to all new heights.  It is not often that you come across individuals so different culturally and ethnically, but at the same time so much alike in terms of talent and determination. You need only experience the hard hitting sounds these young men produce to understand what love for music really is.  Armed with explosive tracks and mixing acrobatics, Dawty Music Group promises to keep you attuned and on the edge of your seats.  Keep reading further for an exclusive studio session from the Dawty Music Group.

Livvi -Franc Automatic remix

Lady Gaga-paparazzi remix


DMG has perfected their multitude of styles to develop a unique plethora of tracks from fresh Hip-Hop and Rap to R&B off-shoots with a lot of Pop. DMG is not a stranger to hard work and best be described as resilient, hungry and focused. These gentlemen are destined to become a strong music production force that will not be denied success.

DMG incorporates actual musicians and song writers who have been influenced by many, many successful artists. These young men’s innate ability to write, arrange and produce songs has driven them beyond the “auditioned producer” stigma to a rare find of young talent who create songs that not only reach people deep within, but also reach out to people as a source of inspiration.

In a world where artists and producers so often become discouraged and frustrated because of industry bureaucracies DMG perseveres knowing that their attitudes are the only things they can truly control in life.

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