Taste of Tuesday!

Mortons Steak House

The Harbor Club
285 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101

P. 619.696.3369

With San Diego being the melting pot that it is, there is a wide variety of great restaurants that can go undiscovered. It would be unfair for us to keep all this delicious food to ourselves so we are bringing it to you! Today our feature is Mortons Steak House. Morton’s Steakhouse is one of the finest steak establishments. We are very lucky to have one here in San Diego. If you have never dined at Morton’s I would suggest treating yourself, after all you’ve worked hard for it. The atmosphere is pleasurable and they offer several different dining rooms to set the mood . With classical music softly serenading you as you eat the environment is very relaxed yet upscale, remember to dress appropriately.
To begin your feast you will start with delicious French Onion Bread freshly baked, I probably could eat this bread with every course. The perfectly aged steaks are USDA prime and will almost melt in your mouth and the fresh seafood is nothing to complain about. All cuts are perfectly prepared and will exceed your expectations. The extensive wine and spirit menu complements of the offerings well. As they say you get what you pay for and the steaks and treatment you receive it is a bit pricey well worth it.

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