King Kouture Designer Boutique


Elisabeth King, designer and co-owner of King Kouture,is no stranger to fashion and the beach.

King, a former swimwear model, has previously designed couture pieces for boutiques throughout

Southern California, including Malibu’s Planet Blue and Santa Barbara’s True Grit and blonde in

Venice. The previous lines were more mass produced and are now altered to be more of a couture

line. Graduating from the University California of Santa Barbara in the history of Art and

Architecture gives the designer a keen sense of the connection between color, design and style.

These pieces are the epitome of “beachy, sexy, cool,”. Her collection of one of a kind dresses and

tops are all hand-crafted pieces constructed from woven leather, micro-fiber suede and lace

mixed with retro prints and jersey knits. The cuts are flattering yet sophisticated and serve as

perfect ensembles for a date night at Zenbu, girls’ night at the Saloon, or a day at the Del Mar

Races. With so many styles, textures and colors to choose from, there is a perfect piece for every

individual. At King Kouture, San Diego women will find the perfect “beachy, sexy, cool” outfit

guaranteed to turn heads and be truly one of a kind.

Words from the designer:

Recognizing the desire for a unique (but wearable), sexy but

clean, interesting but contemporary garment is what drove me the start sewing my own pieces. I

found that when I actually wanted to go out with my friends or attend an important event

where I needed to make a statement, there were so many girls wearing what I like (simple and

clean garments) but they had no edge to them….no unique element that made people take a

second look. I started making my own pieces in my studio in my home and I noticed that all my

girlfriends wanted to purchase them as well. Soon thereafter I found myself buried in the studio

creating piece after piece. One day my husband and Co-Owner (Jake King) came to me and

much to his surprise said “You have such an amazing talent I cant believe the women of the rest

of San Diego cant see this” and thats when it happened, thats when I created King Kouture.

As of now the store consists only of my own designs of

which I shop for the fabric, make the patterns, design and construct (sew) but I plan to carry a

few of San Diego’s independent designers that create very select couture pieces, like myself

(maybe 20 or so unique one of a kind pieces). I will display a one of a kind jewelry designer as

well as a swimwear designer (both San Diego based). I want King Kouture to be the one place in

San Diego where you know you are buying something that you can be absolutely sure a million

others girls around the corner are not wearing.

I want shopping in the store to be what I believe people of gotten away from “an experience” . I want the

client to enjoy viewing each piece and its unique construction, the colors texture and print and decide

what they feel they cant live with out. I love the excitement when I see a women try on a piece

and feel a glow as if they cant wait to show it off! If its to long we hem it and take it in, if its too

wide on hips we cinch it up and custom fit the piece. My clients ultimatley become my friends

and I know their bodies, I create for their bodies and their color preferences ….and thats the

feeling I want them to walk away with.

Check out King kouture on the net @ or if your ever in the North county area vistit the store 437 S. Highway Dr Solana Beach CA 92075

p. 858.345.1765

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