Jimmy Choo collabs with H&M

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo is collabing with H&M to have a special collection to debut in about two weeks around the 14th of November.  The collection includes men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. New images of ladies’ offerings reveal more than one suede minidress, zebra-print stilettos and flats, and at least one jumpsuit.

 There are tons of shoes, bags and jewelry in the collection, along with clothes and even some menswear. It’s all pretty 80s, with studded belts, statement jewelry, and some seriously dramaculous shoes. The footwear is pretty vibrant, but aside from one electric blue tunic-style dress the pictured clothes are mostly black and gray. There are even a couple menswear pieces, including some pretty universally wearable blazers and jackets and a great pair of strappy black leather combat-style boots.

Jumpsuits are a pretty polarizing garment these days, but the belted one in this line looks like it might fall on the more flattering end of the jumpsuit spectrum. A good studded belt is a useful wardrobe staple, but are you down with the fuzzy vest or the car-wash skirt? Dig through the photos and let us know what will be on your shopping list when this limited edition collection debuts on November 14.

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