For everyone who plays Fantasy Football there is a new game in town and it’s called Outlast Football. In my opinion it’s equally as interesting and entertaining as Fantasy Football, and it requires more skill. Did I mention that it’s a free service and has a free iPhone App too? Outlast Football has two separate games, Survivor Pools and the Spreads Challenge.

The idea of Survivor Pools is very simple, and you may have already played in one before. Each week you simply choose one NFL team to win a game, and if they win, you advance to the following week. So what’s the catch? Once you pick a team, you cannot choose that same team again. So don’t even try to piggyback on the Saints each week. These pools combine the strategy of Fantasy Football, but the ease and simplicity of March Madness brackets. Think it’s too late to start? Think again. You can start a pool with your friends or co-workers any week of the season.

The Spreads Challenge is like a standard Pick’em Pool… on steroids. Instead of just saying that the Chargers are going to beat Oakland (no duh), you predict how much you think the Chargers will win by. Each week you make your spread predictions for all or some of the games, and earn points based on the accuracy of your predictions. Week after week the Outlast Community competes to see who has the best football foresight, and the winner walks away with bragging rights and an Outlast Football t-shirt.

I sat down with Outlast Football co-founder Ronny Votel and asked him a few questions about his new service:

BAKARE: How did you get the idea for Outlast Football?

RV: I was in a huge Survivor Pool last year and the pool creator had to send out about 3 emails a week, and make phone calls, text messages, etc. I figured that I could automate the whole process.

BAKARE: Why Spread Predictions?

RV:Every Sunday football fans are on their couches talking football, making predictions about the final score, but most people rarely go on the line with their predictions. The spreads is where you really get the bragging rights. Do your pre-game research, set your spreads, and if you know your football it will show by Sunday night. Make it to the top of the leaderboard and then you will turn people’s heads.

BAKARE: How are you doing with your spreads?

RV: Haha, I started off pretty solid this season, but now I’m getting dominated by a lot of people each week. In fact, I must get about 25 text messages a week from people trash talking me about spreads. I’m just glad that people are addicted to it.

BAKARE: What’s in the future for Outlast?

RV: I can’t say right now, but expect more games, more competition, and more sports in the future.

Get your pool started today! at www.outlastfootball.com.


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